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1 hour driving lesson 

2 hour driving lesson 

Beginners Course 

Absolute beginners only.  This course aims to cover the very beginning of your driving experience. It involves 4 hours tuition.

Saving of £25


10 hours block booking 

A saving of £10.00.


20 hour block booking 

A saving of £30.00


Refresher Course - 5 hours 

This course aims to cover some or all of the items you may feel you have weaknesses in within a 5 hour period.

Saving £95


Motorway Tuition 

This lesson has a minimum of a 2 hour duration


Pass Plus

Please see my Pass Plus page for full details of the course.

Can be taken in 1 day, or alternatively broken into 3 x 2 hour lessons


Gift Vouchers 

Please use the contact form to give details of any message you would like putting on the gift voucher. 

Please also include your name and address, including postcode and the item will be posted out to you. 

There is no charge for this item - just a small payment for Post and Packing.

(+ postage: £0.50)

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